How to check Cibil Score – Quick steps to know credit score report

By | February 27, 2017

How to check cibil score – best steps to know your credit health report, loan eligibility score card online

CIBIL is Indias most trusted credit reporting agency formed in last decade by transunion. With increase of loan defaulters and ponzi loan borrowers a full fledged report about applicant is needed by banks and financial organizations. CIBIL means Credit Bureau of India Limited. It will give score based on financial transactions, bank accounts of an applicant. CIBIL score starts from 0 to 1000 max. A minimum score of 750 is required to get your loan approved.

Quick steps and easy procedure for How to check CIBIL score online at

To apply for CIBIL credit score report one must have some basic details kept ready at time of applying. list of required things to apply for cibil score card were:

  • ID proof of applicant such as Aadhar card, Voter ID card, Passport copy, Driving license etc.
  • PAN card number,
  • Bank Account details which are not linked to PAN number. CIBIL mainly derives its data based on PAN card number.

Details required at time of application:

  • Residential address, Contact address of applicant,
  • Mobile number, Land line number for contact via telephone. Email address for verification and report receiving.
  • Past 3 months bank accounts statements covered every transaction done.

Quick steps how to check cibil score or register for CIBIL reports about credit score online:

Users must visit and select personal cibil score option in menu. Then after reading message about instructions in online application proceed to step 1.

CIBIL Score procedure Step 1:

Select option for one time, quarterly or bi-annual subscription. One time credit score and report cost is 550 rupees. Bi annual subscription is 800 rupees. Quarterly reports cost is 1200 rupees. All these work for only one financial year.

First enter applicant PAN card number in field. Select Date of birth as per PAN card. Select Gender and accept terms & Conditions.

Step 2 Paying CIBIL score fees online:

After first step people need to enter additional details for compiling their application registration. Enter first name, middle name, last name. Give your your address details such as Residence address, Phone number, Email address, etc.

Re check above issued information and select proceed to pay fees. Before fee payment PAN card details of applicant will appear to verify. If the appeared details matched with your data then pay using any of online payment options.

Customers and visitors may use Internet banking, Debit card, Credit Card options for online payment.

how to check cibil score steps

Step 3 Authentication Cibil score fees online payment:

Only payment is not justified as successful transaction. People need to authenticate their credit score application fees with their transaction ID.

Follow the steps shown there after payment and your account is authenticated. Minimum time taken for a report generation is three to seven days max. If all accounts and details are mapped properly in database no delay is shown.


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